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Our Company

In Tolentino, the silent industrial peak of the Italian region Marche, was born, 1977, the TB snc with the help of the ingenious artisan Vittorio Brandi. At the beginning it was only an activity of study and realization of small metallic accessories for leather goods and bookbinding companies but in 1987 the versatility and the cleverness of the artisan brought to the realization of machines for a particular production of cardboard dials, joined with foam rubber to use bookbinders. With two well distinct productive units, using a series of machineries technologically advanced, today, in 2008, the TB snc has achieved a considerable visibility both in national and international level, exporting 65% of its global invoiced in 30 foreign countries.

This can sound like a fable, one of the many beautiful Italian fables. Nowadays, 30 years later, we are very proud of it and we want to testify it with this catalogue where you can find our articles, all strictly made in Italy. These articles let us be appreciated everywhere for the high quality and reliability of production and for the seriousness in the assistance and in the distribution. But, in spite of this, during the next years we’ll try to improve these results because this is what the old artisan culture wants.