In this sector we furnish cardboard in different wedges (from 1 to 3mm) joined with foam rubber (2-3-5 mm) and paper with two types of products: the first with side fold, the second by gluing on the entire surface. This semi-manufactured is utilized as padding of books, agendas and albums covers. The production of these stuffed dials takes place always in Tolentino, in the unit born in 2007. In total we produce about 20 millions pieces a year in the different sizes and features required by our customers.

This products, according to the customer’s request, can be delivered in different sizes or in entire sheets. The production of all these kinds of stuffing occurs with particular machines, planned and realized in the firm. In the following years in addition to these equipments we used also very technologically advanced machines, devoted to the cutting of the foam rubber and of the final product in sheets.